Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart is a zany browser-based shopping simulation game.


  • Manage a supermarket staffed by monkeys.
  • Hire employees, stock shelves, serve customers.
  • Upgrade equipment and expand store departments.

Tips and tricks for success in Monkey Mart:

  • Hire additional floor associates before managers to maximize shelf stocking.
  • Ensure a balanced stock of products – don’t overinvest in one department.
  • Satisfy customer thought bubbles by having associates build displays.
  • Activate repair discounts after facilities break to save on costs.
  • Only expand departments when you have enough staff to cover demand.
  • Replace basic shelves and registers with upgraded versions when possible.
  • Use employee breakrooms to boost productivity and morale.
  • Review facility timers to sequence everything for efficiency.
  • Temporarily overstaff slower hours to stock shelves.
  • Take advantage of periodic vendor sales on appliances and fixtures.
  • Prestige after maxing out upgrades for profit multiplier bonuses.


  • Point-and-click to activate monkeys and facilities.
  • No micromanagement needed – monkeys run things.
  • Strategic decisions needed over quick actions.


  • Goofy monkey supermarket staff wearing aprons and hats.
  • Departments like produce, bakery, clothing, electronics.
  • Hundreds of products, aisles, displays, and upgrades.


  • Keep customers satisfied and maximize market profit.
  • Balance staffing, stocking, and upgrading.
  • Expand store size and variety for more revenue sources.


  • Humorous premise and cartoonish monkey designs.
  • Engaging progression from small shop to megastore.
  • Incremental upgrades and unlocks for accomplishments.
  • Relaxing gameplay – monkeys automate most functions.