Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart is a resource management and shopkeeping simulation game. The goal is to run a successful grocery store by managing inventory, pricing items, and keeping your monkey customers happy.

Monkey Mart brings shrewd business management to your phone by having players construct a lively supermarket staffed entirely by capable monkeys!

Tap to hire charming monkeys who automatically stock goods, operate cash registers, and serve customers. Rake in profits to upgrade your monkeys’ productivity, expand your market’s size, and customize the decor.

With a spirited soundtrack and cute graphics, Monkey Mart will have you going bananas over optimizing this unique store. Reinvest new equipment like shopping carts and coffee machines to transform from humble roadside fruit stall to bustling commercial hub. Attract shoppers via clever ads and viral bonus videos.

Customize outfits on your monkeys to match their roles like a sushi chef outfit for your fishmonger. Use generated revenue to decorate your floors and walls with snazzy patterns.

Even while offline, your intelligent inventory assistants work autonomously to fulfill buyer needs. They eagerly await distributing profits upon each login!

Monkey Mart is a resource management and shopkeeping simulation game developed by Foxbyte Games. The goal is to build and run a successful grocery store business by managing inventory, pricing items, and keeping monkey customers happy.

In Monkey Mart, players tap to hire charming monkeys who automatically stock goods, operate cash registers, and serve customers in their market. Profits earned can then be reinvested to upgrade the monkeys’ productivity, expand the store’s size, and customize the look and decor.

The gameplay revolves around optimizing efficiency in a cute, animated convenience store setting. As the manager, you make key decisions like which items to stock, how to price them, and what improvements will attract more shoppers.

Over time, you can upgrade equipment like shopping carts and coffee machines to transform your humble fruit stall into a booming commercial hub. Clever advertising and viral videos help drive foot traffic.

You can also customize the visual appearance by changing outfits on your monkey employees, designing floor and wall patterns, and more. Even when offline, the AI-controlled inventory keeps progressing autonomously.

Overall, Monkey Mart combines spirited graphics, catchy music, and a tongue-in-cheek vibe for a unique take on traditional tycoon-style simulation gameplay.

Gameplay Of Monkey Mart

  • Manage a supermarket staffed by monkeys.
  • Hire employees, stock shelves, and serve customers.
  • Upgrade equipment and expand store departments.

Tips and tricks for success in Monkey Mart:

  • Hire additional floor associates before managers to maximize shelf stocking.
  • Ensure a balanced stock of products – don’t overinvest in one department.
  • Satisfy customer thought bubbles by having associates build displays.
  • Activate repair discounts after facilities break to save on costs.
  • Only expand departments when you have enough staff to cover demand.
  • Replace basic shelves and registers with upgraded versions when possible.
  • Use employee breakrooms to boost productivity and morale.
  • Review facility timers to sequence everything for efficiency.
  • Temporarily overstaff slower hours to stock shelves.
  • Take advantage of periodic vendor sales on appliances and fixtures.
  • Prestige after maxing out upgrades for profit multiplier bonuses.

Gameplay Tips Of Monkey Mart:

  • Check inventory levels frequently and restock popular items so you don’t run out. Pay attention to daily weather for clues on upcoming demand.
  • Set prices competitively. Watch shopper reactions to see if prices are too high or low. Marking down expiring produce can boost sales.
  • Upgrade your store when possible to expand offerings, storage capacity, checkout efficiency, and more.
  • Keep an eye on monkey moods. Hungry or impatient monkeys may attempt to steal! Use security guards wisely.
  • Take advantage of special events like festivals, performances, and seasons to boost shopper turnout and sales.
  • Complete challenges to earn bonuses and unique decoration items.
  • Decorating more attractively can improve monkey satisfaction and time spent shopping.


“Monkey Mart” appears to be part of a series of interactive fiction games and simulations that let players control characters in unusual jobs and situations. These types of games expanded in popularity on mobile app stores over the last decade.

While the exact origins are unclear, “Monkey Mart” was likely developed and released sometime between 2015-2020 when this gaming genre started growing substantially, especially on iOS and Android platforms.

Many interactive fiction developers create their games independently or with very small teams, then monetize the apps through in-game advertisements and purchases rather than large marketing launches. This means precise release dates and backgrounds can be sparse.

Given the silly, humorously absurd premise of managing a grocery store staffed by monkeys, “Monkey Mart” emerged during the rise of wacky simulation games capitalizing on odd themes to capture interest.

Though the specifics are vague, “Monkey Mart” fits the profile of many hyper-casual life/job simulators that gained success in mobile gaming in recent years thanks to enjoyable gameplay and quirky concepts.


  • Point-and-click to activate monkeys and facilities.
  • No micromanagement needed – monkeys run things.
  • Strategic decisions needed over quick actions.


  • Goofy monkey supermarket staff wearing aprons and hats.
  • Departments like produce, bakery, clothing, electronics.
  • Hundreds of products, aisles, displays, and upgrades.


  • Keep customers satisfied and maximize market profit.
  • Balance staffing, stocking, and upgrading.
  • Expand store size and variety for more revenue sources.


  • Humorous premise and cartoonish monkey designs.
  • Engaging progression from small shop to megastore.
  • Incremental upgrades and unlocks for accomplishments.
  • Relaxing gameplay – monkeys automate most functions.

How many parts are there in monkey mart?

Monkey Mart seems to be an open-ended resource management simulation game focused on expanding and customizing your grocery store over time. Rather than having defined levels or worlds, the gameplay revolves around incremental progression of upgrading your store, monkeys, inventory, and decor.

There doesn’t appear to be a finite ending or fixed number of parts. Instead, it has a sandbox style where you can continuously build up your supermarket business across multiple play sessions, always working towards bigger, better, and more profitable operations.

So in summary – while Monkey Mart does not appear to have numerically defined levels or parts, the core gameplay loop centers around the open-ended expansion and customization of your store through management of resources and monkeys. The amount of parts is ultimately determined by how far you wish to develop your supermarket empire!